Technological Services

CRANFOS Reforms and Upgrades engineering and specialists team carries decades of expertise in engineering and consulting to help our clients solve their problems related to electrostatic precipitators, in the project as a whole or the equipment, and so help them optimize the performance for a lower operational cost and low levels of particulate material emission. CRANFOS Reforms and Upgrades starts up by listening to their clients in order to understand the problem and therefore create and implement customized solutions.

The understanding of our client’s processes and equipment is key for CRANFOS’ consulting approach.

We start out by a performance evaluation, and, to truly understand the existing problems, we seek the root cause, so as to see which solutions we can recommend our clients, always seeking the binome electrostatic precipitator’s efficiency with cost reduction.

From there, CRANFOS’ specialists will supply our clients with quantitative understandable information, mainly the actions to be taken, always supplying the needed tools to make decisions on changes, on the equipment, on maintenance and operation, on fuel or other processes, seeking to optimize the performance of the electrostatic precipitator. The results normally are:

•Cost reduction;
•Reduction in energy consumption;
•Emission reduction;
•Improvement in the operational system’s efficiency and quality CRANFOS’ consulting for Electrostatic Precipitators covers a range of options for the understandable analysis of the opportunities for performance improvement:
•Review of the Precipitator project, configuration and process.
•Precipitator’s evaluation based on internal mechanical inspection reports.
•Fuel analysis, ash and/or particulate materials of different natures (resistivity).
•Review of the Precipitator and process operational data based on particulate emission tests.
•Fluid computational analysis (CFD).
•Performance test follow-up.
•Gas Flow Physical Modeling.