Gas Cooling Towers

Gas Cooling Towers

Ideally suited for rotary furnaces, it is independent of their operation mode (single/combined), start-up time. This unit is designed to eliminate problems like wet dust, solid dust formation and dust emission caused by the high dirty gas temperatures.

This unit’s design is basically aimed at cooling down and conditioning the hot tail gas by injecting water, which results in dust that differs from the inlet gas in resistivity. Accordingly, the system typically includes an Electrostatic Precipitator in addition to the cooler.

Both sizing and designing take into consideration important factors for the work to be done by this second piece of equipment, such as evaporating the injected water and changing the gas flow within the cooler and the humidity of the particulate matter.

The controls for this equipment may vary, depending on the processes involved at the customer’s plant. For cement plants, for example, factors are taken into consideration which changes gas temperature and volume, so that the equipment automation and control plan can be set up.

Like the fully PLC-processed controlling apparatus, with a complete view of the operation and related graphs, if so requested, the equipment will be designed to support and to adjust its working settings for rapid, major flow and temperature changes, as well as various gas compositions.

CRANFOS’ technology delivers optimized controls, preventing peak dust levels in the clean gas during working mode changes, at which point the valves are used according to the dust temperature and density. This control results in a narrow temperature margin for the tail gas to be sent to the precipitator, thereby keeping it efficient.