Technological Services


Innovation is part of CRANFOS’ day-by-day. Seeking continuous improvement in our services, we perform our mechanical and electrical projects with the latest software, always updated and with strict and steady internal training.

For the performance of mechanical drawings we use the CAD 3D tool SolidWorks® whose history has shown extremely high reliability and coverage of this software. With it, we bring all the necessary interfaces for the performance of the work that best fits the needs of your process.

As some examples, we may talk about the interface that SolidWorks® has with other programs as CAD 2D (AutoCar®), other 3D software or even with CFD software. With such, our works are always performed bearing the minimum manufacturing and installation errors, project execution with the greatest care with possible interferences, increase of efficiency with the aid of CFD, aside from greatly facilitating the understanding of the drawing.

By requesting a budget, you will receive a layout of the equipment or system as a hint of the way we work, with which you will have a thorough idea of the size and manufacturing of the same. Our technical budget team is fully connected to our board of developers and designers yielding, through their steady training, a quick, but precise answer to your need.

The “layout” can be from a simple replacement part to integrated systems with CFD analysis forecast. Standard equipment and parameters are part of our services.

For working with parametered drawings, we have, aside from complete dimensioning programs, resulting drawings with measures and materials practically right, enabling the approximation of weights for the composition of your budget and, after approval, the same generated drawings are taken to engineering as the basis to the final project.

After all the needed calculation is done, either in the dimensional or structural parts, the models in 3D are the basis for the detailing of all the components of the systems/equipment. All the mandatory norms for the right manufacturing performance and assembly are foreseen. Special tasks are also performed to keep standardization, simplicity and comprehension of the material list, besides significantly diminishing (or even eliminating) quantity and specification problems. As far as norms, plans and specifications are concerned, for the most varied services, we have our own standards, but we can adequate ourselves to your standards, or to the appropriate international norms, as long as it is requested.