Air and Gas Dampers

Air and Gas Dampers

Used on several industrial processes, dampers are intended for several operational functions.

  • Control gas stream.
  • Control gas pressure.
  • Control gas flow.
  • Deviate gas stream.
  • Block gas stream passage, among others.

Dampers are applied to ducts with different dimensions and geometries, and meet small to large size applications with exclusive operational characteristics, such as high temperatures, high particulate contents, and different corrosive gases.

The damper is sized from technical information that Cranfos receives from the customer, so that it is possible to fully meet the industrial process demand. If necessary, Cranfos collaborates with the customer for identifying the critical points of the process, which may affect the damper performance.

It can be used with different drives, among them:

  • Pneumatic
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Manual

One of the differentials of the Cranfos-supplied dampers is the capacity of operating with up to 100% gas stream sealing. Certainly, one of our dampers may meet the geometry of the existing ducts, which may be square, rectangular, round, horizontal, vertical, or inclined duct.

Check the varieties of Cranfos-supplied dampers. For developing and delivering other types of dampers that better match your industrial process; contact Cranfos.

Disc damper

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