Technological Services

During scheduled shutdowns, or as part of a regular preventive maintenance program, the experienced team of CRANFOS Reform and Upgrades’ field technical services is ready to collect data and assess it in loco.

We can perform detailed equipment inspections, analyze the situation it is in, and eventually issue reports that result in short and long term solutions, to guarantee energy efficiency and comply with the emissions.

Once CRANFOS has a full understanding of the client’s Electrostatic Precipitator’s situation, we can implant the appropriate resources, with the necessary knowledge, tools and competences to resolve all the plant’s problem. CRANFOS offers:

•All levels of inspection which can be at a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, always complying with the environment’s norms and demands.
•Complete report of the equipment’s situation.
•24/7 availability and quick response time to solve the client’s problems.
•An innovating approach to diagnose and solve problems, acquired in more than 30 years of practical experience in bag filters operations.