Technological Services

One further tact that sets CRANFOS ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS apart is that we are a company specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Studies of this nature are complex and demand expertise in several process variables, such as temperature, pressure, speed, etc., as well as a huge processing power provided by state-of-the-art computers, combined with the 3D graphic interface that is standard in the work we do. CRANFOS can model and compile this analysis for their customers.

Our team of specialists consists of experts on CFD and industrial process engineers with several years of experience with air and gas treatment systems. Traditional flow analysis restrictions limit the accuracy of the design and hinder one’s ability to envisage a solution to fluid flow problems. This applies to both single- and multi-phase cases, and is particularly true for problems that are tridimensional in nature and involve turbulence, chemical reactions and/or heat and mass transfer. All of these phenomena can be considered in conjunction by applying the Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis, a powerful technique that may help exceeding many restrictions affecting the traditional analysis.

Using CFD applications, we work on pressure losses (or load losses), flow direction, variances in flow speeds, mixture assessments, and simulations of one or more nozzles for open pipes, pipelines or confined vaults. Using them also helps us evaluate SNCR and SCR Standard Fluids.

The results of such studies are usually presented in the form of colored graphs for ease of identification of flows and mixture standards, as well as comprehensive data reports, depending on design requirements.

Computacional Fluids Dynamics

• Gas flows or calculations concerning
heat transfer

  • Air and gas distribution in pollution control systems (Electrostatic Precipitators, Bag Filters, etc.)
  • Air and gas lines – dampers
  • Gas flow table roll baffles and diversions, etc.
  • Branches, interconnections, exhaust hoods and exhaust systems

• Fluid atomization and evaporation

  • Vapor tank sizing
  • Bulk container and blower sizing
  • Heat transfer evaluation

• Water, SO3, NH3 or other gases and liquids

  • Gas flow dampening and conditional systems
  • SCR system sizing and front-end layout
  • Turbulent gas mixture evaluation

• Pressure loss evaluation and calculation

• Gas distribution

• Pressure drop

• Heat transfers

• Others