Gas Washer

Gas Washer

Washing gases by the wet method, this piece of equipment is used for capturing particulate matter and/or gases. Predetermined control and automation requirements are taken into consideration at the sizing and designing stage.

The working principle lies in the contact of gas with a washing fluid, which may vary according to process type. Such fluid is constantly recirculated until it reaches a predetermined level of saturation with a specified amount of fluid and particulate matter.

All components are manufactured with corrosion-, oxidation-, and inner wall wear resistant materials, varying in type of gas and particulate composition, as well as temperature.

Due to its remarkable flexibility, it is used for washing many different gases, whatever the gas composition or particulate matter size, and in any kind of environmental protection and control system. The design contemplates a reservoir for precipitated particulate matter, so that such material can be subsequently treated or reinserted into the process.

Depending on the process type that the equipment will handle, studies are conducted as required for better selecting a material to provide full corrosion resistance and total structural and chemical strength. Its performance can also be foreseen with CFD studies.